Working in France

David’s work in France was the most important part of his education. Having the opportunity to taste some of the great wines from Bordeaux and Napa, he asked himself, “To the extent these wines are different, is it due to simply the land, weather & climate (terroir), or are different choices being made in the vineyards and wineries?” To answer this question, David worked 3 months in Napa/Sonoma and then 3 months in Bordeaux. Dr. Raynaud was extremely supportive of this study and showed him every aspect of traditional and modern winemaking techniques in Bordeaux.

As David says, “And, it was great fun. I lived at the Chateau and ate all my meals with the family and other workers. I was introduced to local fare like lampoie (lamprey eel) and cepes (the regional mushroom). I was a guest at the wedding of their daughter and they even took me oyster tasting at Cap Ferret. They seemed to know everyone in Bordeaux. An especially memorable moment was when I had to follow Alain Raynaud’s lead and down a hearty pour of wine to the cheers of the crowd at the Gerbe Baude harvest party. My stay in Bordeaux was an experience that I’ll never forget.”